Functions of different HMS kits

by Minnie Elwood

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) is an alternative to Google Mobile Services (GMS), and it’s integrated with the latest versions of the Huawei Phones. This integration has removed popular Google services like Cloud, YouTube, Duo, Drive, etc., but contains several kits that have fantastic abilities.

In its consortium, HMS contains kits such as analytical kit, site kit, push kit, awareness kit, location kit, map kit, health kit, drive kit, ads kit, etc. In this article, we’re going to look at the functions of different kits and why you should develop apps using the HMS with immediate effect.

You may be wondering, “Why should I use HMS when GMS is more popular and serves more markets?”

While it may be true that Google serves more markets because it has lasted more years in the game, HMS offers so many unique services and allows developers to create location-based apps to perfection.

Let’s take a look at some of the kits that make this happen.

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Functions of some HMS kits

1. Account Kit:

The sign-in process has never been easier for users. It’s safer, faster, and more convenient because they can easily do two-factor authentication with their IDs.

Users can sign into their app with one click, without having to do manual login or verification, and it’s easier to use SMS verification codes from their phones directly.

Finally, users can easily grant access to their information.

2. Ads kit

With the ads kit, users can see personalized and high-quality ads on their apps. It consists of a Publisher service platform and Open Advertising Identifier that allows developers to deal with third-party advertising platforms while protecting user privacy.

The ads kit makes traffic monetization easier for developers and allows users to scale their business through high-quality ads easily.

3. Analytics Kit

Data is the new currency, and the best way for any business-oriented individual to stay ahead of the game is to track user data and analyze customer behavior. It consists of high-performance dashboards that observe app performance.

It also allows you to create customized dashboards for quicker operations. You can do behavior, funnel, event, real-time, audience, and retention analysis.

Finally, the debugging process on data reporting has never been easier.

4. Drive Kit

What is the use of data and information if there is no adequate cloud storage device or medium?

The Drive Kit helps you to upload, record/document, synchronize, and store data on the cloud in a stress-free and effective manner. There is proper app data and user file management, and it allows non-android devices to access the data through APIs.

5. Health Kit

A lot of users may be wondering, “What is the Health Kit all about?”

The health kit consists of different apps and services, coupled with third-party devices, to create an effective health and fitness ecosystem that users can benefit from at their convenience. When this kit is authorized by users, developers can directly input data to give personalized health services.

6. Site Kite

Site Kit allows developers to create location-based apps and services with ease.

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