Is Huawei Watch 3 Battery Life Really Worth It?

by Minnie Elwood

When purchasing a new gadget or device, many people pay close attention to the performance and battery life. Everyone likes a fast processor that provides high-quality performance and long battery life. With the release of the Huawei Watch 3, you may have had the same question. Hence, we’ll look at the Huawei Watch 3 battery life and performance in this article.

Recently, the Huawei Company released their new smartwatch, Watch 3. Although it’s an upgraded version of the Watch 2, launched in 2017, many features set it apart. These features are included to enhance the performance of Watch 3. For this reason, many people are eager to purchase this smartwatch and check out everything that it has to offer. 

So, to check out Huawei Watch 3 battery life and performance, let’s dive right in!

Huawei Watch 3 Battery Life

One of the primary reasons Huawei is famous among consumers is because its devices have longer battery life than many of its competitors. Hence, with the launch of the Huawei Watch 3, you may expect it to provide you with a long-lasting battery. 

The Huawei Watch 3 battery life is around three days with a single charge. In terms of charging, there are two methods you can employ. Magnetic charging lets you charge your watch wirelessly, and a USB cable allows you to connect your smartwatch to your simple Huawei device charger. This ensures that you’re never out of battery when it comes to tracking your fitness.

Furthermore, this smartwatch provides you with three different options for battery life. If you’re using your Huawei Watch 3 with all of its functions enabled, it will provide you with 3-day maximum battery life. This smart full-mode allows you to monitor your health, play music, track your location using GPS, and connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Additionally, if you wish to have your display on all the time, it consumes more power, and the battery life reduces to 1-2 days with this option.

However, a power-saving mode can be enabled by users to enjoy a long battery life of up to 14 days or two weeks. But, a price has to be paid for this. This ultra-power-saving mode limits your capabilities of using your Huawei Watch 3. It restricts some apps and disconnects from Wi-Fi, and deactivates Celia. You can still connect to Bluetooth and track your fitness using various sensors.

The reason why the Huawei Watch 3 seems to down perform a little in terms of battery, as compared to the GT series, is the bright new display and battery-consuming activities.

Huawei Watch 3 Performance 

With the introduction of a new operating system, Harmony OS, and a dual-processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, it is said to perform much better. Unfortunately, because the operating system is recent, there are just a few apps available for download. Nevertheless, many are excited to see what this new system has to offer in the future.

Now, you can enjoy reasonable and detailed fitness monitoring with a great Huawei Watch 3 battery life. Overall, it’s a fantastic smartwatch, as long as you can live with some minor flaws.

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