How To Select Printers And Toner Cartridges

by Minnie Elwood

When first buying a printer for your home or business needs, the sheer number of printers available in the market is enough to drive you nuts. First, you have to decide whether you want a dedicated model or one that encompasses many functions. Reliable printers are designed to do nothing but print. The all-in-one brands of printers usually include additional functions such as faxing, photocopying, and scanning. You can get imprimante pas cher in either laser versions or inkjet models. Users should know that the combo printers have limited features than printers that only scan, fax, and photocopy. Let’s focus on how to select printers and toner cartridges.

Inkjet vs. laser printers: making the choice

Laser printers create text and graphics by moving toner (powdered ink) to the paper surface. This is done over an electrically charged drum to induce the magnetic effect.

On the other hand, inkjet printers are considerably more popular, especially for home users with simple needs. They work by spraying miniaturized droplets of pure ink on paper to create letters, photographs, and graphics.

The price for a majority of the laser printers ranges from $100 to 500 dollars. Inkjets, on the other hand, range between $30 to 400 dollars. The advantages of laser printers include the quality of the black and white text, which is very sharp, and a much lower ownership cost. Color laser printers, however, are more expensive and slower.

Inkjet printers featuring color graphics are the best option for photography prints. They can take in a variety of papers and are incredibly fast in printing text.

Laser printers are not adapted to photography printing. Inkjet printers are a bit costlier to operate compared to mono-color laser printers. Overall, laser printers are best for novelists, insurers, and students who print text-heavy work. On the other hand, inkjet printers are best suited for hobbyists, professionals, and photographers who prefer their print in color.

Selecting the right toner

Picking the right toner from the multitude of options that exist may appear to be a simple process. However, multiple vital components are included in the decision, making it complicated. When choosing a toner cartridge for your printer, these are the factors you should consider:

a. Black or color

It would help if you first considered whether you require toner in color or monochrome. It is possible to print only black and white on a color printer by purchasing monochrome black toner.

b. Page yield

Afterward, one should decide how much they will be printing and whether one’s printer of choice produces high-yield toner cartridge options. A standard yield toner cartridge best serves a printer with an expected low output.

c. Cartridge models

The toner cartridge models you select should be compatible with your brand of printer. For most websites and dealers offering toners, all you require is the printer model number, and they’ll recommend a compatible cartridge.

d. Remanufactured, OEM, or Compatible

A genuine toner is OEM-rated and delivers superior image and text quality. The accuracy of the color is also higher, and the resultant page yield is advanced as well.


Printers have been around for a long time and are likely not going away any time soon. Toner cartridges are the essential components of printers containing the ink used to produce images and text. Before buying a printer and its cartridge, consider the cartridge models, page yield, color quality, and device price.

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