Impressive Features of Honor Watch ES

by Minnie Elwood

The Honor Watch ES is the latest smartwatch the brand has manufactured that offers great features. You can choose from over 100 workouts and 12 guided exercises. The best thing about this watch is that you can buy it at an affordable price. As compared to other brands, Honor is priced at €99.99 in Europe, which is cheap, considering it’s a smartwatch.

In this Watch ES review, we’ll talk about the different features it offers and what makes it the preferred brand. The watch is popular in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Honor is not that popular in the US and Australia, so the market would probably extend to other countries.

Let’s check out some of the great features of Watch ES.

Design and Display

The watch has a rectangular screen, connected to long slender silicone-feeling straps. The strap fits perfectly on the wrist and quite comfortable to wear. But it has a long length and added loop, which can be useful to keep it tucked in. The straps have lots of holes that increase breathability if you are doing your workouts.

The smartwatch body is a bit long, making the entire device similar to a premium fitness band. It weighs around 21 g and 10.7 mm thick, making it look elegant on the wrist.

You will see one button on the right side of the body, which does not stick out. It is a little bit hard to press as it is not as pronounced as other watches.

The screen is AMOLED panel, which measures 1.64-inch having a 456 x 280 resolution. You can choose from various watch faces, and it supports always-on displays, but it can greatly reduce the battery life.

Features and Fitness

This watch has more than 90 fitness modes that you can choose from. It ranges from standard ones such as outdoor running, indoor running, and cycling to more interesting such as Latin dancing, cricket, parachuting, tai chi, and others.

The modes mentioned can only track time, distance, and heart rate. Some conventional modes have lots of metrics tracked, such as fat burning and cardiac performance.

The watch also has neck and shoulder relaxation, which is easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully. The device buzzes to signal when to start and when to stop. So there is no need to watch the clock all the time.

Other features include exercise at work, strengthen the heart and lungs, AB ripper, and Burn fat fast. It also has many general health and wellness tools like stress charting, heart rate monitor, breathing exercises, step and activity trackers, and sleep tracking.

Final Verdict

Is Honor Watch ES worth buying for? Definitely yes. All the features and tools you need to keep you fit and healthy are added. The watch also has female cycle tracking that you need to enable. It notifies any messages from your smartphone, but you cannot reply to the messages using your smartwatch. And lastly, the battery can last up to 10 days, and it takes 100 minutes to complete the charging.

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