Why UBER Drivers Invest in Taxi LED Displays

by Minnie Elwood

UBER is no more a promising startup that was ten years ago. Today it is a well-established business in which anyone with a vehicle can create an income for themselves. What makes UBER so special is that it puts the driver in control of your faith, and more importantly, how much you can earn. 

To that end, many UBER drivers are doing whatever they can to increase their income further. Many of the UBER drivers even try to sell snacks and various stuff to their respective customers. However, not everyone is opened to that and doesn’t like to be pushed into such purchases.

Then some are a bit more subtle in their effort to increase their income. By that, we mean those investing in a taxi top full color LED display

Here are the benefits that come from investing in a taxi top full-color display: 

  1. A taxi top full-color display is a form of passive income. Someone wants to advertise their product using your LED display for a certain amount of money. Their ad will run on your LED display for as long as they keep paying you to do so.
  1. A full-color LED display allows you to run ads in all colors, replicate all logos, and present text in different fonts and colors. Some more advanced displays can even run video ads. Marketers love that, and you will be able to make even more money by presenting ads on your LED display.
  1. Some LED displays even can feature multiple ads in a row. Again, more ads equal more money. Once you make the setup on your LED display, then the ads are on auto mode, and you don’t have to think much about them. 
  1. Some LED panels use GPS location functions and automatically change advertising content when running through a certain area or neighborhood. Put simply, in one neighborhood, your LED display presents advertisement A, whereas when going through another neighborhood, it displays advertisement B.
  1. You can start running your own LED display business. For example, if you establish a good working relationship with marketers, you can be the middle man between many UBER drivers and them. You can negotiate the rates with the marketers and get a percentage of the business deal. On the other hand, other UBER drivers will be introduced to this form of income. Again, it is an extra income that doesn’t take hours and hours of grinding. 

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why taxis replace their old lightboxes with new LED displays, and a few of them are well elaborate above. It is all about adapting to the market and offering something more. That particular something is the versatility of LED displays and their ability to show all sorts of ads while attracting people’s attention.

Furthermore, the cost of a taxi top full color LED display is nothing compared to the potential earning. In big cities, that investment pays off in less than a year, and everything after is pure profit. Plus, it helps to know that these displays are quite rigid and can last quite long without any maintenance. Just change the ads when needed and collect your checks.

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