Benefits of the Huawei App Distribution Services

by Minnie Elwood

A major challenge every app developer has to face is that of marketing and distributing their apps. If you are facing this problem now or anticipating that you will face it soon or have faced it before, we have a solution for you. If you, unfortunately, fall into the three aforementioned groups, how would you like access to more than half a billion users? That is about 500+ million online users just waiting to use your app. These users are from more than a hundred and seventy (170) regions of the world. With such numbers, if everything falls in place, you could proudly say that your app has a global presence. All these perks are just a tip of the iceberg that is the Huawei Distribution services. More astonishingly, these services fall under an even wider range of Huawei Mobile Services.

Huawei Distribution Service

These services are those offered by the Huawei developer platform. This is a platform that serves as a central hub for everything you need to grow and develop your app into a successful one. Huawei has provided numerous channels and means through which app developers can connect to various Huawei terminal or end devices. These channels are available to directly introduce you to the end-users of the app that are on the Huawei platform. Whether they are using mobile phones, wristwatches, laptops, tablets or any other Huawei device, they automatically become part of your target audience.

How the Distribution Services Work

The processes involved are not as demanding as you would think. The entire process is accessed from a single Huawei distribution platform. One of such platforms is known as the AppGallery Connect. All apps have a pattern which they all have to pass through. At the very first step, we have the innovation phase.From there, we get to the development phase of the app’s lifespan. After that, next is the distribution phase. Then we have the last two phases which could be said to work hand in hand; the operation phase and the analysis phase. Imagine having one platform that allows you to monitor and control these phases one after the other.

The Huawei app distribution services are similar to any other distribution process following the development of an app. But instead of you going through the stress of having to distribute the app in your own, you have help. The help that allows you access to millions of android users all around the world.


Other app distribution services include Quick App and AppTouch. There are also other Huawei distribution options for services and even content. Not to mention the Huawei promotion and paid advertising features. Depending on what you are looking to promote, Huawei most likely has you covered. To any aspiring app developer, the Huawei distribution services are services you just can`t afford to miss. While for an experienced developer, the use of the Huawei distribution services promises to be a unique experience. Join our global community of app developers and redefine app distribution services today.

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