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We all know what the declaration of independence is, but do we know the causes why it happened? The American Revolution has a huge impact on our independence. America and it’s citizens wanted to be independent, we were being ruled by people far away from the United States who were not even an American citizen. That’s when americans decided to fight for our independence and stop being ruled by the British. To begin with, the American Revolution happened because Americans wanted to become independent after the French and Indian war. During this time many Acts the Americans citizens were not happy with were passed one of them was the Quartering Act was. This act was passed by the Great Britain parliament, which was made with the purpose of forcing Americans citizens to allow British soldiers in their homes. Americans were forced to feed and shelter them or provide them with any need they could have, US citizens were not happy with this act, it was against the United States Bill of Rights Also, during this time two Acts were passed which are really important for the causes of the American Revolution. Britain Parliament was only looking for ways to make American citizens to pay them after the war French and Indian war, so they created the Stamp and Sugar act which made the colonist pay taxes to Great Britain without knowing they were paying taxes. Since Americans were paying taxes to Great Britain they wanted something in return, or at least to be able to vote for Britain laws or be able to take their people to Britain. Americans did not had a voice in Britain even though they were paying taxes. Americans had all the right to start the American Revolution, they needed to do something to get their independence. Great Britain was trying to make it harder for them to get their independence by increasing taxes and making the Americans pay the debt they had with the British, but at the end we were able to get our independence fighting together as a country for our rights.

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