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Vague Generalization: Sexual assault is dehumanizing and traumatic to the victims.

Question: What challenges do sexual assault victims go through and what can be done about it?

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General Concept: Counselling for victims of sexual assault, peer support and corporal punishment for perpetrators could help reduce such cases.

Thesis:  Acts of sexual assault should be discouraged in the society.

Annotated Bibliography

Sexual assault has become rampant in the recent past with many reported and unreported cases. It is the act of sexual behavior or contact advancement without a person’s consent; and it includes some sexual activities such as attempted rape, rape, and fondling.  The society is fast changing, and many immoral kinds of behavior are becoming the norm. Sexual assault causes adverse psychological, physical and emotional effects on the victims. In many countries, the act of sexual assault is illegal thus there are laws protecting victims from the abuse.

Schwartz, M. D. (2017). Male Peer-Support Theories of Sexual Assault. Sexual Assault on the     College Campus: The Role of Male Peer Support, 31-58. Doi:10.4135/9781452232065.

The author researches on sexual assault in colleges. One out of seven women, as the study indicates, has been sexually harassed. The victims are as young as 14 years for both genders. Sexual assault has become normative violence in society. The victims are unwilling to go public and report or narrate their ordeal because they feel that they are to blame. They are also afraid of going through stigma from society as such acts of sexual assault carry a lot of shame. Many others are scared of the consequences of exposing their perpetrators, especially if they are influential people in society who can destroy the victims’ lives if exposed.  In most cases, the victims are convinced to drop their cases and move on with life. For the victims to overcome this self-victimization, they need counseling and help.  The research attributed male peer support as a boost to this behavior among the youths. The paper also outlines some solutions to this problem such as the use of self-defense by women to protect them.

Gentleman, A. (2013). Prosecuting sexual assault: ‘Raped all over again’. The Guardian. Retrieved 24 January 2018, from sexual-assault-frances-andrade-court/

The author of the report explains a case of sexual assault on a victim – a girl child. Her stepfather was the one perpetuating this act of sexual assault to her. It brings the reaction of social prejudice and denial of the act. Tina Renton, who was the victim, narrates her ordeal and difficulty after sexually assaulted by her stepfather.  Even in court, they were suspecting her of lying owing to the pressure mounted on her not to expose such acts.  She did not regret of losing the case, but she was happy with passing the message of devastating experiences.  There was also a reported case of sexual assault where the victims were unable to proceed with the case due to harsh questioning by the police officers. The paper is important as it brings out the reality of sexual assault and devastating experiences, which victims go through because of harassment.

Public Policy & Action | RAINN. (2018). Retrieved 24 January 2018, from


RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is one of the organizations that provide consulting services. The organization comprises experts in public policy, education, communication and technology. It provides a great platform for confronting sexual assault.  It also offers other services such as helping with the prosecution process and conducting a DNA test in case of rape assault.  The website provides comprehensive information about sexual abuse and possible remedies.

In conclusion, harsh steps should be taken to punish perpetrators of sexual assault. There is a lot of prejudice in the society that hinders the process of justice to the victims. Close friends and relatives make it difficult to report and curb sexual assault.  Proper laws should also be enacted to ensure that the victims receive justice and culprits punished. Society has taken sexual assault as a normative crime and putting more efforts on the spreading of awareness to prevent it.



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