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Urban Voids are spaces which rupture the urban fabric of a city. These are spaces which are frequently ignored or either overlooked spaces according to individuals. They are
regularly the aftereffect of outlining outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand with the environment. They are the consequence of treating arranging destinations in seclusion paying little heed to urban texture
and poor planning.
Flyovers”-Infrastructural hindrance or a potential open door for sewing the city texture
The uniqueness of overheads lies in its character of an overhead safe house with its liberal underneath space that is longitudinal and obstruction free. It is shielded from the
rain and from the warmth of the sun. The term ‘flyover’ is utilized as a part of the United Kingdom and most Commonwealth nations and is characterized as an extension that conveys a street or railroad over another
street (“Flyover), which is a scaffold, street, rail route or comparable structure that traverses another street or rail line. A bridge and underpass together shape a ‘review detachment’. ‘Stack exchanges’
are contained various scaffolds. A man by walking span grants walkers safe navigate involved lanes
Unbelievably, it is furthermore free of an extraordinary piece of the authoritative issues, arrive residency open deliberation and land speculation that torment a critical piece
of the making urban groups today.Thus, the negative effects conveyed by flyovers can be diminished through vigilant blueprint and more basic the combination of the spaces underneath into their incorporating urban condition.
Incredibly, it is additionally free of a significant part of the legislative issues, arrive residency debate and land theory that torment a great part of the creating urban communities today.Thus, the negative impacts delivered
by flyovers can be lessened through cautious outline and more vital the fuse of the spaces underneath into their encompassing urban condition.
Blighted by barren landscape and left over interstices, spaces under elevated highways in India has severed from the urban fabric by rail lines and the flyovers themselves As
new flyovers emerge out of the dense framework of the city, it is highly seen that most spaces under them will be inaccessible, forgotten and become a haven for illicit activities.
The aim of the dissertation is to research
,examine and To focus on the concepts of Urban voids ,identifying and analysing the type of voids,how this voids have great potential for turning into public spaces through placemaking process space beneath the flyover or bridges ,the dead parking lots or nonreciprocal street edges are spaces ehich are neglected and invisible to the citizen and therefore take away citi’s experiential qualities. the Dissertation will be an attempt to unearth the potentials of these spaces in context of the built environment and surroundings and prepare a placemaking toolkit for using these spaces as a strategy to increase the
public realm of the city.
The goal is to identify the problems related to the current condition of the spaces below the chosen elevated highways and develop a solution through design intervention The
main objectives of this are described in the following list:
? Defining urban voids in context of Indian cities and foreign cities.
? Understanding types of voids.
? Locating and studying sites with good potential that includes more than one type of void.
? Identifying flyover spaces for adaptive use and reuse through placemaking strategies
? Studying public spaces and their constant need to cater social development and infrastructure and incorporate
them under flyover spaces.
? Investigating                 factors
affecting/influencing functionality of spaces in public realm. creating strategies/proposals to cater their context specific needs.
The mapping will expect to concentrate on following criteria –
an Ethnography – Who is utilizing general society space Creating voids and how contrasts in sorts of clients impact utilize.
b Literature audit is led to set up the structure for the investigation of the spaces underneath hoisted
c Interviews and Surveys.- – What the clients are              doing,              why              they              are              here.

interface examination – Arranging the design of the assignment/region to impact certain practices.
Observational Research. Undertaking Analysis. –
– What individuals are doing in general society space, reusable spaces under flyovers , what is the request in which they take part in undertakings.
To better comprehend when to utilize which technique, it is useful to see them along a system with the accompanying tomahawks:
– Attitudinal vs. Behavioral
– Qualitative vs. Quantitative
– Context of Use
EXPECTED OUTCOME Methods to identify and an attempt to unearth the potentials of these spaces in context of the built environment and surroundings
Simple solutions for voids/spaces that it could be applied on existing public use
Case studies will be done in secondry methods due to absence of projects in the country,literature casestudy will be a major part of study,This dissertation will only cover one of those space to examine and conclude from different variety of urban voids and public spaces in the world
1.4 W H A T              T O                  S
T U D Y?
“An investigative examination to evaluate the key elements for upgradation and adjustment of Urban voids through spacemaking procedures and open craftsmanship
usage and its impacts on advancing urbanscapes

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Urban Voids are spaces which burst the urban texture of a city. These are spaces which are regularly dismissed or either overlooked spaces according to individuals. They are
frequently the consequence of planning outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand with the environment. They are the aftereffect of treating arranging locales in disconnection paying little mind to urban texture
and poor planning. “Urban voids are unfortunate urban zones that need update making no positive commitment to the environment. They are badly characterized, without quantifiable limits and neglect to interface components
lucidly.” (Trancik, 1986) “The standard procedure of urban improvement regards working as confined questions and locales in the scene, not as a feature of the bigger texture of lanes, squares and practical open Spaces.
Choices about development designs are produced using two dimensional land utilize design without considering the three dimensional relationship between buildings and spaces and without a real understanding of human
activities, With the increasing cost of land and fight for usable space these spaces are unutilized, underutilized or abandoned.


2.1 Urban voids ate the consequence of wasteful basic leadership, poor land administration, poor coordination among chiefs and architects.
In the realm of growing urban areas, circumstances, for example, disinvestment, suburbanisation, deindustrialisation, and out-movement have made a considerable measure of issues in the urban communities. This has brought about
different spaces to be lost simultaneously and left unused with respect to the past unique motivation behind which it was based on. In this report urban void is characterized as unused, underused and underutilizespaces,residual.

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