Is the Upstream Wireless Subwoofer kit the Best Solution to DIY Subwoofer kit Drawbacks?

by Minnie Elwood

Even though DIY subwoofers are affordable and of good quality, you may find it challenging to set up a DIY subwoofer because of the skills required. Setting up a DIY subwoofer will require a skilled person to ensure the cable connections are correctly connected. You will need an understanding of how input and output connections work to produce the required sound. An error during the connection will hinder the performance of the subwoofer.

You may not notice the ineffectiveness if you don’t have prior skills that will enable you to recognize and correct the error. Besides, their big size may be a hindrance in deciding where to place them.

A typical subwoofer is manually operated therefor, creating inconveniences such as limiting the audio source usage connected to the DIY subwoofer. If your audio source is your phone, you have to move closer to the subwoofer connected to it to continue using it as the subwoofer plats the audio. Upstream wireless subwoofer kit is a perfect option to address the challenges associated with DIY subwoofer kit.

Below are some of the challenges addressed by using wireless subwoofer kits from a qualified manufacturing brand.

1. Avoiding many cable connections

With a typical subwoofer, you will be required to connect your subwoofer to the home stereo with cables. Furthermore, you will also use cables to connect to the audio source. Upstream wireless subwoofer saves you the agony of dealing with many cable connections. You can wirelessly connect your subwoofer to your DIY subwoofer kit then connect your network.

2. Save on time

The 4stream app will allow you to manage your audios from any position in the room after pairing your subwoofer to your audio source. Doing this will save time by avoiding operating the audio source manually next to the subwoofer when you want to replay or forward play audio. If the audio source is your PC or phone, you could continue with other tasks than it being restricted next to the subwoofer.

3. Save on space

With the wireless pairing, you could place your larger subwoofer in the most suitable and spacious place in the house. A typical subwoofer may require a lot of space, primarily if you use cables to connect it to the home stereo. So instead of crowding the home stereo and the subwoofers in one place, you could place the home stereo in one place and your subwoofer in another place to connect them on your network.

4. Easy to set up

Upstream series DIY audio boards come with DIY pins; Besides, a similar feature is also on the boards. It Will make it easy for anyone to upgrade their subwoofer to a wireless streaming system. You will achieve this by linking your subwoofer to the subwoofer amplifier output. All this does not require many skills.

Final Thoughts

With the wireless connection and easy-to-set-up features, you may be able to create your super subwoofer room at the comfort of your house. You can achieve this by connecting several upstream subwoofers placed in different parts of your house.

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