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The 1920’s was a period of cultural renaissance in the United States. There were three movements of this time period that are most influential. The Harlem Renaissance, the radio, and Henry Ford and the Automobile were the most influential during this time period because of the way they shaped the world several years later. The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural outburst.  It brought new things that had never been seen in the United States before. The Harlem Renaissance was where African Americans were able to express themselves artistically. The most famous writers included W.E.B. DuBois and Langston Hughes. Hughes poetry incorporated music like jazz and blues.  The radio helped bring the nation together.  It created and accomplished a common cultural experience for people. Through the radio people were able to listen to news broadcasts, music and sporting events. By 1925, there were more than 600 across the nation. The radio was a brand new form of entertainment for families. Later on, the radio was being used for advertisement so people would be persuaded to buy a new product.  Henry Ford expanded the world of business. He perfected the assembly line which helped with mass production. The idea of mass production was not new, but the assembly line allowed for a quicker production of things, for example cars. The automobile led to a grand social change in the United States. He created he first automobile, Ford’s Model T, which allowed for an easier travel. In the 1920’s the world was changing greatly and for the better. There were many things being invented and women were even starting to get more rights. The three major movements during this time period were the Harlem Renaissance, the radio, and Henry Ford and the automobile. The Harlem Renaissance allowed for African Americans to express themselves more freely through music, literature and art. The radio changed how people could hear about things going on around the nation and brought people together. Henry Ford and the automobile changed how quickly and easily products could be produced and changed how people traveled.

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