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The article I chose is the “Exo Mars “that I found on the ESA (European Space Agency) website.The article is all about ExoMars Mission 2020 for searching of life on Mars the whole mission is about 9 months. It will be collecting samples on the mars for further search. The reason why did I choose this topic is that it’s quite interesting since this is the mission which will take place in the Year 2020 and who know Mars does have an Atmosphere where life can be possible.  A proton rocket will be utilized to dispatch the mission, which will touch base to Mars following a nine-month travel. The ExoMars meandered will traverse the Martian surface to scan for indications of life. It will gather tests with a bore and break down them with cutting-edge instruments. It will be the primary mission to join the ability to move over the surface and to contemplate Mars at depth. During dispatch and voyage stage, a transporter module will transport the surface stage and the meandered inside a solitary aeroshell. Amid the plunge stage, a warmth shield will shield the payload from the extreme warmth motion. Parachutes, thrusters, and damping frameworks will diminish the speed, permitting a controlled arriving on the surface of Mars. The essential goal is to arrive the wanderer at a site with high potential for discovering all around protected natural material, especially from the early history of the planet. The meandered will set up the physical and concoction properties of Martian specimens, primarily from the subsurface. Underground specimens will probably incorporate biomarkers. It incorporates an infrared spectrometer to describe the mineralogy in the borehole. Once gathered, an example is conveyed to the wanderer’s expository lab, which will perform mineralogically and science assurance examinations of exceptional intrigue are the distinguishing proof of natural substances. No, this is the second launch. The previous study shows that the primary mission of the ExoMars program comprises of the Trace Gas Orbiter in addition to an Entry, plummet and landing Demonstrator Module, known as Schiaparelli. The fundamental destinations of this mission are to scan for proof of methane and other follow climatic gasses that could be marks of dynamic natural or geographical procedures and to test enter advancements in readiness for ESA’s commitment to ensuring missions to Mars.

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