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The Perversion of Law for Plundering

The state
of law in the United States is one where self-interest is at the forefront of
any new and existing legislation. Rarely, maybe never, does a law pass through
the House, Senate, or the Executive office without it being fueled by someone’s
desire to further their own interests whether that be money or more political
power. It holds true for even the most obscure of local elected positions. Political
corruption in 2017 is as widespread as ever and the government isn’t planning
on backing down anytime soon. It’s not a Republican or Democratic issue; both
parties are choosing to intentionally grow the government as large as possible
in order to plunder more from private citizens. Neither party is fighting for
fiscal responsibility or fairness because as a politician, it’s not in their
interest to do so.

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is built on political corruption. It’s a system of organized chaos and for the
reason explained by Basquiat who wrote, “Under the pretense of organization,
regulation, protection, or encouragement, the law takes property from one
person and gives it to another; the law takes the wealth of all and gives it to
a few — whether farmers, manufacturers, ship owners, artists, or comedians.

Under these circumstances, then certainly every class will aspire to grasp the
law, and logically so.” 1 Because of the overreaching powers granted
to lawmakers, especially the power to levy taxes, it only makes sense for
anyone who wants to succeed in this system to associate with those in elected positions
if not become an elected official themselves.

Most politicians
in Washington and beyond still agree on taxing, some more than others but at
the end of the day they all want to rob Peter to pay Paul leading us into a
paradox of little economic growth. If that truly worked, then states with low
or no income taxes would be losing in the national economy but the opposite is
true. Texas and Florida, both having state income rates of 0%, “have gained
four times the number of jobs over the past 20 years as the two states with the
highest rates, California and New York (with rates close to 13 percent).” 2
It’s proof the plundering they’re doing under the guise of taxing for the
greater good is only damaging the economy, but to a politician getting his
paychecks and other kickbacks from the funds collected from other individuals
it’s a win for them. Higher taxes have proven to lower private investment time
and time again. Neither side will relinquish their power to levy taxes on U.S.

citizens through legislation as long as they hold their status of authority.

On the
Democratic side, they continue to spend money through government programs. They
explain that this Public spending will work better than the private free market
in distributing wealth. They believe more government spending helps the economy
because of a multiplier fallacy, more so than private spending between
individuals. Republicans play the tax game in a slightly different way.

Recently the Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump have proposed a “Tax
Reform Bill” to be signed into law late this year or next. They praise it as a
simplification of the tax code when it’s not. While it is a plan to finally bring
down the absurd 35% corporate tax rate to a more palatable 20%, it isn’t tax reform
in any sense. It closes some tax loopholes but not even a majority of them. By
cutting these taxes and refusing to open up other sources revenue for the
government’s massive spending habits they will only drive the deficit deeper.

That’s not sensible and it certainly isn’t reform for the average person even when
they try to sell it as such.

Taxes are
powerful for elected officials but they’re only one of the tools created by law
the government uses to plunder. All of this legislation stems from the propagated
concept of dispersed costs where the cost of compliance with the law is small
but the concentrated benefits are high. Elected politicians who say they will
represent the people are turning around and ignoring the individuals who have
little or no political or financial influence. Wealthy interest groups have
demands and they are placing those demands on politicians to supply for them with
it all being fueled by self-interest and rampant greed. The laws put into place
by these money and power-fueled politicians are not voluntary. Taxes,
regulations, misdemeanors, etc. are put into place to serve only a few by inhibiting
many. Government law and government institutions exist only to facilitate
involuntary transfers rather than naturally occurring voluntary interaction as
would happen under fair customary law. It’s the case throughout the government
from the highest elected officials down to the lowest bureaucratic employees
who represent private interests because of incentives to inform lawmakers of
the strength and wishes of interest groups benefitted by the bureaucracy’s rule-making

is the fuel in Washington and the desire to rule over others flourishes. In
this system, many people aspire to be leaders and organizers who place
themselves over the rest. Currently, the government is afforded powers more than
that of any citizen. Law exists in its current form as an instrument of plunder
rather than justice. With U.S. Law as it stands in 2017, most people, especially
poor, have no protection against the plundering being carried out against them
by the government.

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