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The people become the
artist by taking their own photos and posting them on social media. This has
changed how people view art or even knows about art.  I think to keep art relevant you need to have
art shows online with social media sites to show them. I also feel they need to
have art in schools even though high school.  If a child grows up learning art while there
in school they will learn art and how to be created on their own. 

One’s opinion to free
to say whatever they want and anyway they want to express. This allows others
to see another view of the art and understand the story that is being told. Art
will always be relevant to our lives; people always have something to say and
art is a part of a culture, art is part of the world we live in. With Instagram
and Face book, there are few prints and more viral images of art from known and
unknown artist; this is one way of getting art out to others.

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My opinion of today
art is there is a wild range of art; art has come a long way from just painting
of portraits, industrial reign, and dinner party painting. Today’s art says so
much of today world from the political views of our country to wooden art that
moves, to light fixtures that can turn night into day. Art is all about what
moves you and what you call art. Art plays a role in today’s society and
society part a role in art; they both play off of each other. Art is an
expression of emotions and struggles of society.

The role of diversity
plays a major role in development of art. Diversity is some thing that always
changes it has no time line or when it will stop or how far to go. Art is the
same way art is as far as your mind can go you. The country changes rapidity
with more and more people this present cultural and education to keep up with
the change.  Artists have more inspiration
to be creative from painting a women picking in the fields on hot days to
luxury ball room dancing with everyone having a good time. With diversity, can
show feelings and thoughts without saying a word this allows you to be creative
and express.  Art changes with times from
people fighting a war for land or fare wages on their jobs to a young girl
picking out a new dress for school. A change came when photography and other
photo techniques in about.  Women had a
voice during this time they were going to college and wanted to work by using their
skills and knowledge.

paid low wages. This allowed for people to see these inexpensive magazines,
newspapers and use the improved libraries. 
Sexual fulfillment while married gain importance with family life
multiplying. With silent films, sports and the Boys and girls scouts were
entertainment for the off time. This was a time that life was busy and moving
fast, jobs are being created from railroads.  There is a painting of
people sitting at a dinner table looks like a dinner party, talking to one
another while there are men at the door way and another standing in from of a
window. One man is trying to open a jig full of alcohol behind the guest’s
chairs. This painting it colorful and full of life this was created by Malin
Lecture called Holiday Entertaining.


The justice movement of the 20th
century had challenged and shape American society from culture demands,
political, oppression economic. Now that life was better for all the city
dwellers was now living a better life with steadily food, shelter, material
goods, and healthcare and education while

 During this time there was other painting that
was during different times. One of the pictures that caught my eye during this time was Jesn Beraud
the Boulevard Poissonnier en autimne has so much going on. The stage coaches’
plundering down the street, as a man is running across the street with an
umbrella from the rain. While there is a man sweeping the street. As there are
people walking on the sidewalks and crossing the street in a wealthy
neighborhood. There is one lady that stopped walking across the street but
looking back as the rain falls with a cold or wet tone to the atmosphere.  Artist Thomas Eakins The Dancing Lesson
(Negro Boy Dancing) in 1878. This painting reminds me of people of today world.
A father and his sons all together in one room the oldest plays an instrument
like banjo while the youngness dances to the sound and the father watching them
both and smiles in a small room that does not have much in it I can see the
bond of happens that they share.  A
Robert Henri in 1902 snow in New York was a painting that I could relate too.
This painting shows the weather is cold and winded out with snowing cover the
ground and people walk though it to get to their destination. There are a horse
and buggy riding down the middle of the street with only one light pole to light
up the street. With a building that is as tall like skyscrapers with snow has
fallen resting on the building.

Once the war ended, there were thousands of African Americans
moving to the northern states. Musicians such as Duke Ellington have inspired
artist and their following all over the world. Artists associated with the
Harlem Renaissance to address the issues of racial identity by creating a
publication that requested that artists from all over to make art work that
displays the real African American community with social disgrace could be
influenced with the positive culture. African American artists who welcome
music to convey themselves and create a racial identity within the community.


             World War II had a
major impact on the artist that were around during the time just as it did many
of the people many of the people (Pohl,2012) During
that time there was devastation and destruction from all
death that was surround them from losing their family’s members. Some were
soldiers or war correspondents.  Many soldiers, general civilians, used art as
an expression.  During this time Abstract
art came about.  There was a dark cloud over the people living during this time.  The Harlem renaissances produce a style and
movement that took Americans by storm.

During the Gilded Age,
people were making money, as other live in poverty and the human population was
on a high rise with enormous immigrant labor that made riches for individuals. These
type of wealthy people will hire an artist to create a portrait of them self.
By you having self-portraits shows how much wealth you have. With the
politicians being largely corrupt brought even more money into the wealthy
pockets.  The Gilded age receives its
name by the growth of wealth during this era.  During this time there was a blend of America.
Technological growth and Western Tradition with the technological was a
portrayal of Gilded Age. This was during at a time that there was stage
coaches, afternoon tea, traditional and formal dinner. While the poor huddle in
their homes or at work was trying to make it to the next day. The art during
this time was one of its kinds. Art from the gilded age all told a story of
struggle or survival.

Society has a way of
guiding thoughts and feelings when it comes to art. Artists and
architects in 1873 until the first part of the 20th century were the wealthy
individuals, during post-Civil War America.  The Gilded Age art in American society
improved to amazing heights. This shapes the society for in many ways. Painting
during this time was related to industrialization reign and a perfect depiction
of westward growth.  They work on other
wealthy people mansions, institution, libraries, and museums. As immigrants
that came over into the country, they had to suffer from low wages as the
artists became rich.

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