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SUMMARY 1948- The discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley of California in 1848, which started the Gold Rush, The Gold Rush is the most significant event to shape American history during the 19th century. When the news spread throughout the world about the discovery of gold and then thousands of miners traveled by sea or overland to San Francisco for searching for a fortune. A total of $2 billion dollars worth of gold was taken from the area during the Gold Rush. On January 1848, James Wilson Marshall believed he saw golden flakes in the American River at the Sierra Nevada Mountains near California. When he saw the flakes he immediately started working on a water-powered sawmill owned by John Sutter, John agreed to help and find gold and share the profit. Marshall and Sutter tried to keep news of the discovery of their gold in secret, later on, their secret was revealed and by April newspapers reported that large quantities of gold were being discovered at Sutter’s Mill. When the news was out, Marshall later told everyone what happened to him, the reaction in San Francisco was in disbelief about gold being found, at that time the population was 6,500 for California’s population, by June the male population of San Francisco went down and they left town for the gold to find, the number of miners in the area of Sierra Nevada was around 4,000 men in August. When news spread about the fortunes found in California. The first people to come and find gold were migrants (people who worked seasonally) they arrived where the land could be accessible by boat. Germany, Ireland, Turkey, and France Hawaii, Mexico, Chile, Peru and even China all came to work. Later on, news reached to the East Coast. “Gold fever” started to kick in once they heard the stories told from the newspaper.1849- in 1849 people around the United States men started to work and used all their money, The men even spent their life savings and took risks and try to hit rich. men left their families because they had “Gold Fever”. Women were left behind took on new things to do like what the men did, like running their farms or businesses and caring for their children all by herself. The mountains were overcrowded of mining camps and towns became more dangerous there was thievery, which their gold was stolen, gambling, men lost gold because they spent too much, and violence. 1850- The Gold in California disappeared rapidly; miners still continued to come to California and try to find Gold when the competition died. Mining is always difficult, even now, and dangerous. Striking it rich required luck and lots of hard work and not giving up. When gold became more and more difficult to find. Industries for mining took their workers independence into wage labor. Hydraulic mining started around 1853; hydraulic mining brought profits to their miners but destroyed much of the landscape. Gold mining was still popular in the 1850s The most money from gold was in 1852 which the gold became $81 million. After the pull, the total of gold pulled went down gradually. In 1857 came out to be around $45 million. At the end when the Gold Rush finished the population was 380,000 people living there.SUCCESSFUL PEOPLELevi Strauss There are many successes of the California Gold Rush. One is that the some of the gold seekers became rich. Except for Levi Strauss, he never mined one piece of gold but became one of the richest men out of the Gold Rush. Levi Strauss was born in Buttenheim, Bavaria on February 26, 1829. When his father died of tuberculosis his sister left for New York where he and his sister wanted to meet up their two older brothers, and owned a dry goods store called “J. Strauss Brother & Co.” and Levi practiced to learn the trade with other people.When news of the Gold Rush in California made its way to the eastside, Levi traveled to San Francisco around 1853 to strike rich without winning a piece of gold. He established a dry goods business called “Levi Strauss & Co.” He sold jeans to many of his customers which were miners working hard and ripping their jeans and at that time Levi was the only one who sold jeans at the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the gold was found. Levi pants were strong and durable they never ripped unlike the old pants that the miners used. Levi received a letter from a customer, Jacob Davis. In his letter, Davis wrote a different way Jacob made his pants for his customers, they use rivets at points of strain to make them last longer and durable. Because Jacob didn’t have a business partner, he wasn’t able to start his idea Levi loved the modification from his ideas. Later, the patent was given to Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss & Company on May 20, 1873.James Marshall James Marshall was the foreman overseeing the construction of Sutter sawmill on the American River in California. In January 1848 Marshall believed he saw gold flakes in the American River. Suspecting it was gold he took them to John Sutter. After testing the “flakes” of gold Marshall and Sutter realized the flakes was gold. Marshall’s discovery changed peoples lives, many people lives changed.John Sutter John Sutter was crucial in the Gold Rush. He came from Switzerland and went to California in 1834. Sutter owned 50,000 acres, his land was practically a gold mine. When America won the Mexican-American war in 1848, Sutter took land near the American River. Later on, James Marshall found gold on his land. Then people started to work to find gold. Sutter and Marshall built a sawmill on the American River and soon they would become rich with lots of gold in their pockets.Failures There may have been lots successes with the Gold Rush but there were more failures than finding gold. Many men were living so high they spent their money as fast as they could. Also many of the Forty-niners, Forty-niners are people from all over the world that came to California, died on their journey just to California; they didn’t even get their feet on California. For many Forty-niners their long trip was dangerous. Lots of men left their Families were left behind without a father/husband. This left the women to work even more than they did before which made their life very difficult for them. Native Americans were forced off their land when all the men went into California, which made the Native Americans move to another plot of land where they wouldn’t be bothered.

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