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Rails for the garbage

Gaurav Sharma

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Abstract— Nowadays, due to
increasing pollution and hence increased human needs, we are producing many
unwanted or unusable materials. In this process a lot of waste is produced, and
so its management is getting difficult. There are many ways to manage the waste
and to treat it, to dispose it. But all the methods and ways involves human
interference at each step. This use of men/women is not good. Because human
intervention many times leads to time delay in the collection of waste. This
delay in such a work may lead to stagnation of waste leading to foul odor and
hence makes the environment unhealthy. Also many times it gives the shameful,
shy feeling to those who collects our garbage/waste. Here, this research can
surely come out as a helping hand. It not only makes the peoples free from such
a work, but this also becomes more effective in cleaning as it is technology

Keywords—dispose;technology reliable



The main concern of this idea is behind the health
of those people who collect waste and the producers of these waste products. As
the people who collect these waste are mostly unskilled and uneducated so they
have no awareness about how even a little time of exposure to the garbage can
affect their health so it becomes our duty to take some step for this so that
there prevails good health among ourselves. The other concern behind this idea is
timely execution of disposal of waste as it can again be threat to the health
of those who are living around its surroundings i.e. the producers of waste,
this happens because of human intervention in disposal of waste as when a laborer
gets ill he/she cannot do the work so the disposal of waste gets delayed and
this can cause health issues to the people who live surrounding the waste. The proposed
idea is best for multistoried apartments and hostels and by this idea the human
intervention is decreased to its best. Many steps were taken in order to make
disposal of waste eco-friendly. But no initiative has been taken in making the
work easy from the starting point. There are so many technovations which
generally focuses on waste disposal. So, this research work can prove to be
very useful, and viable to most part of the society.


collection of waste with rail  


Nowadays, it is found that in tall, multistoried buildings
large number of dustbins are used, and to collect garbage from those




bins to one common bin requires a number of peoples


The waste collection can also be done without the
human intervention or by decreasing it to a great extent. Main concept which
will work here is by using a common passage for a multistoried building. This
passage is a vertical hollow cylindrical pipe of suitable diameter according to
the daily waste produced. On each floor there will be one inlet made into the
pipe for throwing the waste from each floor. The inlet mechanism here works via
push push switch. If the switch is pushed once the inlet opens then throw your
garbage and when that switch is again pressed it closes the inlet. Now this
thrown waste is collected in the bigger bin or trolley kept beneath the common
passage. This trolley has sensors and microcontrollers with the use of
ultrasonic. When this trolley gets full its motor gets started and then the
waste is carried to the main bin kept outside. During this time when the
trolley has gone to the main bin another trolley comes below the common passage
of waste and collects the waste. In the main bin. There is one system to check
if the bin is empty or full. Here also some sensors and microcontrollers are
used with ultrasonic. With the help of ultrasonic and sensor the level of waste
in bin is checked. When the bin gets full, the microcontroller is coded to send
an alert message to the municipal authority to collect that main bin. If the
bin is empty then it is allowed to deposit the waste in this main bin from

Now the placement of this passage is a bigger
concern. Depending on the type of building it can be installed in the suitable
place. But this passage will decide how to carry this trolley to the outer
bigger bin. If the passage for the garbage is in the center of building, then an
underground pathway is needed to be made till trolley doesn’t comes out of the
building. After that the rails can be laid above the earth to reach bigger bin.
But if the passage is placed in one corner or in the side of the building then
no underground construction is required. Only laying the rails above the earth
surface will fulfill the requirement. 

Advantages of this concept are

a) It provides a smart way to manage waste. b) Avoiding
human intervention and efforts to a great extent. c) Cleaning of the waste will
be very regular as no human intervention is there, so work will be fast and
efficient. d) Resulting in healthy and waste ridden surrounding. e) It is also
economically feasible and it only needs the installing expenses instead of
paying the workers on monthly basis which will cost much higher. f) Environment
and surrounding will look clean and good as number of dustbins are now reduced.

Disadvantage of this concept can be that it will
create unemployment. But getting jobs from these type of work is far better
than remaining unemployed. After all health is the biggest wealth.




Fig.01 Algorithm showing all the process of waste




Waste reaches the trolley
kept below

waste in passage from inlet











of level of waste in trolley

waste level in bin

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