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Pharma turns to Artificial Intelligence to hasten drug discoveryThe world’s leading drug companies are turning to Artificial Intelligence to improve the hit-and-miss business of finding new medicines. Many other pharma industries are also exploring the potential of artificial intelligence to help streamline the drug discovery process. The aim is to harness Morden supercomputers and machine learning system to predict how molecules will behave and how likely they are to make a useful drug, thereby saving time and money on unnecessary test. Artificial Intelligence system plays a central role in other high-tech areas such as the development of driverless cars and facial recolonization software. Many pharma companies are starting to realise the potential of this approach and how it can help improve efficiencies. It is not the first time drug makers have turned to high-tech solution to boost R productivity. The introduction of high throughput screening, Using robots to rapid test millions of compounds generated mountains. When it comes to AI, big pharma is treating cautiously, in the knowledge that the technology has yet to demonstrator it can successfully bring a new molecule from computer screen to lab.Enhancing the CircuitryGraphic chip makers Nvidia is wooding India’s top artificial intelligence and machine learning start-ups to embed its hardware and software in their technology products and services. Artificial Intelligence aims to build machines that can stimulate human in intelligence process while Stanford University describes machine learning as “the science of getting computers t act without being explicitly programmed. A start-up is building intelligence screening solution to aid diagnosis through Artificial intelligence power analysis of visual medical data. This way the company aims to improve speed, accuracy and consistency of number of screening process. Also medical institutions can serve more patients, with a significant reduction in human error.Human ComputationComputation is the grass root level of Artificial Intelligence or Automation. In reality computation alone cannot implied in industry, rather it needs Human Computation. This involve the interaction and the intervention of human. These new trends and systems present exciting new opportunities for Artificial Intelligence. we can now build automated systems that leverage the computation of a huge number of human computers to tackle problems that neither humans nor machines alone can solve easily. The goal of this book, and of research in Human Computation, is to shed some light on the anatomy of these human-in-the-loop computational systems, methods for optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness at solving problems, and the fundamental research questions that need to be addressed in building such systems. Human Computation is a participatory sensing project where humans actively decide where and when to collect information can be considered human computation; on the other hand, it is not human computation if the participants are merely the sensor carriers, with no conscious role in determining the outcome of the computation.

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