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Name- Abel KebedeDate- 12/02/2017Course-Philosophy The Defense of AnarchismAnarchism believes in autonomy, self-governance. It regards a state has no right in imposing rules and regulations on individual’s free choice and actions and argue that the individuals have a right to govern themselves.  Prominent philosophers who have supported this view are Benjamin Tucker and Henery Thoreau, however, in this essay, I will be arguing against Robert Paul’s the defense of anarchism.Robert Paul’s argument can be divided into two parts: the concept of authority and the concept of autonomy. For Paul, authority is the right to command and at the same time, to get obedient. According to Paul, a state is a group of people who have a political authority over a certain population in a certain territory. He viewed autonomy as means of an individual is responsible for his own action, or in simple term, autonomy is self-governance. Paul suggested that there shouldn’t be a set of regulations that we would have to be abiding by. In other words, he regards that men should have autonomy and ruled not by the authority of a small group of people, named a state. However, this notion of state has been criticized because without the state society cannot maintain its peace and order. If there is no state and government, then there is no law enforcing bodies; no police force to maintain peace in the community and the military apparatus for preserving the national peace and territory integrity from external threats.  In the absence of a state, it is obvious that the stronger shall harm the weaker and the vulnerable one As a result of which, murder will become a common act in the society, the rates of rape, theft, and violence exponentially increases. We can use one simple example to show how anarchism is evil to the society. In a family where a child having a complete self-governing autonomy, shall not be limited by any rule and will have free choice to do what she/he wants against the interest of the family and the society in general. Consequentially, he/she acts as she /he wants without restriction and may become an exposed child to bad habits and wrongdoings such as drinking, smoking, adultery, theft, robbery, murder and so forth. Finally, he/she may abuse his/her life and become a delinquent and unproductive citizen as there is no rule and rule enforcing body to control and guide his/her acts for good. The same is true that where the action of the peoples not restricted by governing law and authority, the society will become unhealthy, disordered and shall be in a state of frequent conflict and unable to perform positive things to better off its well being.Paul misunderstood the role of the state in society and viewed a state as negative institution imposing obligation over the peoples. But, in country where democracy is implemented as a system of governance, the state is a necessary institution as it is  established by the will of the people for the people to maintain law and order and ultimately to secure mutually inclusive advantages in order that  every individual shall enjoy peace and  order that could only be possible  by law and law enforcing mechanisms. Paul may defend his notion of anarchism against my argument claiming that there is no a true democratic place in the world and also some governments in the world, exercising illegitimate state power in the name of people but use their power for personal advantages at the cost of   the peoples that in turn entails the general mass to become poor, hungry, vulnerable and disadvantaged and hence become downtrodden as the state is against the free action of individuals..To sum up, the notion of Paul’s anarchism is thought be an interesting argument  in understanding the importance of  free choice and action of individuals, yet it unacceptable argument as a human in nature needs a law and law enforcing body; to maintain law and order in the society and also perform other positive functions for society  as welfare state. In a place where no governing law and body exist, the society suffers from crime, confusion, disturbance, conflict, war etc, than prosperity. Broadly speaking, in the society where no state as governing institution, social development and growth shall be hindered and anarchism, economic stagnation and backwardness shall be prevailing over instead..

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