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Before You by Jojo Moyes

Reviewer: Michelle Fatima

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Jojo Moyes is an American journalist.
Since 2002, she has been writing books on romance which are widely read. He
most famous books being Me Before You and its sequel After You, Moyes has won
the Romantic Novelist’s Award twice.

Me Before You is a romance novel
published by Penguin Books. It deals with controversial subjects such as

This book is based on the life of Louisa
Clark. Louisa is a simple small town girl who is supporting her family,
including her younger sister Katrina and his son, Thomas. She is known for
having an innovative sense of style and fashion in the words of her boyfriend
Patrick Apparently, being a waitress is not enough for Louisa as she is
burdened with the financial responsibilities of the family. All troubles come
crashing down when she loses her job at the café.

Call it a twist of faith, Louisa is
employed by Mrs. Traynor (a rich magistrate) as a caregiver. Louisa is
expecting an old person surprised when she learns that the person she is
supposed to be looking after is Will Traynor, Mrs. Traynor’s son. Will is a handsome
thirty five year old wealthy man but has faced one of the hardest challenges in
life that is being a “quadriplegic”. This means, that he is unable to move all
four limbs. He comes off as rude and angry most of the times but once she gets
to know him, he is smart, funny sarcastic at times but evidently, a caring
human being.

As Louisa spends time with Will, she
realizes that he is much more than a quadriplegic and having realized that
Louisa is not just a caregiver; both of them develop a sense of connection and
a bond.

One day, Louisa’s life is turned upside
down when she comes to know of a secret Will and his family has been hiding from
her. Not being able to process the information, Louisa leaves her job.

On the very same day, Mrs. Traynor
convinces her to accept the job again and realizing the financial condition of
her family and the brief but strong bond with Will, Louisa gives in to Mrs.
Traynor’s wishes.

Determined to make Will happy, Louisa
tries her level best to make him realize the importance of living. Things
change drastically after a series of ill-fated and ill-timed events but if one
thing is sure, that is Will and Louisa are falling in love with each other but
maybe fate has other plans.

In my opinion, this book makes us
understand that being “disabled” is not really a disability. It also tells us
that all we have to do is be a bit more compassionate with people because we
can never really know what they are going through. This story is applause
worthy and despite the controversy surrounding it, doesn’t at all promote
“suicide”. It really depends on how it is interpreted which should always be in
a positive way.

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