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Malaysia has been
very successful in developing the country through systematize and concentrated
economic development plans. Globally, Malaysia has been ranked sixth in 2014 on
Ease of Doing Business, 20th in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) 2014-
2015, 33rd in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2014 and 56th in the World
Happiness Index (2013). These records have proven that Malaysia is capable to
support a new orientation of development focusing towards sustainability and
inclusiveness. The development of a nation relies on its
citizen’s wellbeing.

The role of
agriculture in Malaysia’s new development process in the future is increase
food production. Systematic and integrated approach which is similar to rubber
and palm oil plantation should be created for other food crops and more should
be allocated for R&D in food crops. Support large scale and organized
farming, intensifying land used,improving agronomic practices.

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Other than that,
reduce the problems of land size. Malaysia is also facing shortage of land for
agriculture production. Urbanisation has increased competition for land. Of the total land area of
328,550 square km only 78,700 square km is allocated for agriculture, and only
5.48 percent of which is reserved for plantation development.
Smallholders are encouraged to practice group farming by consolidating
individual plots into a single form.

Furthermore , Government
should focus on making agriculture more attractive and rewarding to the young
generation. This is to encourage successful farming and to get rid of
ageing small scale farmers. The Government should  introduce the Incubation Programme to create
a group of young,skilled and motivated farmers.

Moreover , Vertical farming is cultivating plant or animal life within a
skyscraper greenhouse or on vertically inclined surfaces. Advantages for
vertical farming include no weather-related crop failures due to droughts,
floods, pests and all vertical farming food are grown organically with no
herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.

Besides that , adopting smart farming or precision agriculture
is the way to move forward.  Smart
farming, also known as the Third Green Revolution practices include the
use of drones to carry out crop spraying, soil and field analysis, planting and
crop monitoring. It would raise awareness among farmers of the benefits
of new farming technology.  

Other than that , to
have a positive balanced or trade and reduced food import and increased export.
By producing more food not only from the fruits and vegetables sub-sector.
Promoted the production of natural products such as me medical plants as well as
non forest products such herbs and aloe vera as new sources of growth for local
and export markets.

Government should also increase rate of development
in rural areas to discourage rural youth from migrating to urban area for
better paying jobs. They can also have additional sources of income. Production
of primary commodities will be reoriented to improve productivity and
competitiveness through integrated programme with livestock,wider crop practices
and mechanization .

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