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Rock Street, San Francisco

Jake didn’t know why, but
something about what this man said disturbed him. He hadn’t said anything
inappropriate, but he just felt creepy, somehow. But Jake knew he would need to
buy food and drink if he was going to be on the streets, so the mention of
“easy dosh” appealed to him.

“How do I make it?” Jake asked.

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“Do you like girls?” the man
asked. It was a strange question, but Jake nodded anxiously. “Good. You can
make some easy money then. Easy money. I bet you’re a virgin innit?”

Jake’s laugh in response was
unconvincing. He tried to sound casual.

“‘Course not, I’m not a virgin.”

The man grinned.

“Yeah you are a virgin.” He
seemed positive about it. “But it’s alright mate, you don’t have to be
embarrassed or owt. Some birds love virgins.” Jake said nothing. “Get up and
follow me, yeah?”

The man started to walk away,
then stopped. Jake hesitated.

“Are you coming, our kid, or
what? Easy bread, or sit on your bill for the rest of the day. You choose

Jake got up and went over to
the man. He threw an arm around Jake’s shoulder and led him up a road that
turned off from the main one. Hedges lined the pavement on either side, and
there was occasionally a residential home. Jake suddenly felt like someone was
watching him, but when he tried to turn his head, the man gripped him more
tightly and spoke to him again, distracting him.

“You don’t have to be nervous,
kid.” The sun sifted through the hedges, resulted in mottled sunlight on the

They went into an old, run-down
building and down some stairs. The man had let go of Jake and went first. Jake
could run – there was nothing between him and the front door; nobody blocking
his path. His instincts were telling him to get out of there. But he was scared
of making the man angry. He followed him into the room.

The room had a musty smell and
was very dusty. There was a single light hanging from the ceiling, and a double
mattress was on the floor with a sheet on top of it. It looked like some sort
of seedy brothel room.

“This is what you’re going to
do,” said a gruff voice from behind him. Jake couldn’t place the accent, but
his diction was clearer than the first man’s. “You’re going to fuck Melissa.”

For the first time since
entering the room, Jake noticed a girl stood in the far, dark corner of the
room, away from the bed. She was naked. She seemed to be Jake’s age. She wasn’t

“When you’ve shagged her, we
give you some money,” the man added. “Easy.”

Blake pulled at the hem of his
jacket – something he did when he was nervous.

“Howcome?” he asked. “I mean
what do you get out-”

“Never mind that!” the man
snapped. “No need for questions – you want some money, me and… Bob… here want
you to fuck Melissa. Simple as that.”

For a moment, there was
silence. Jake looked around. There was no window; only one way out and the two
men were stood in front of it. A siren sounded in the distance and as it
quickly faded, Jake knew it wasn’t coming to save him.

“He’s a virgin,” the first man
said. “Probably shy.”

The second man’s eyes seemed to
light up.

“A virgin eh? Then you should
love having a chance like this, so shut up and get on with it.”

“Um I’m not so sure about it,”
Jake said.

“Melissa wants to do it, don’t
you, Melissa?” The girl didn’t respond. “Well you know what’s going to happen
if you’re not cooperative. You know what to do.”

Melissa walked over to the bed
and lay on it, her legs spread. Jake naturally couldn’t help staring, but then
he noticed Melissa’s face. It was devoid of any emotion. Numb. It was as though
she was dead inside. Jake knew she didn’t want to do this, and anger rose
inside of him.

“Fuck you!” he shouted, then
tried to force his way passed the men, but he was thrown onto the bed.

“I’ll get the equipment,” said
“Bob”, and left the room. The second held Jake to the bed. He tried to fight
back, but the man was too strong. A battery of punches easily subdued him.

“Please, no,” Jake begged as
the man begin to remove the boy’s clothes. When he had managed to strip Blake
to his tracksuit bottoms, Jake began to cry. The man laughed, undid the tie
string, and yanked them off.

“I’m sorry, mum,” Jake said
quietly. The man either didn’t hear or ignored it. He began to pull Jake’s
boxer shorts off.

A loud bang distracted him. It
was followed by shouts of “Police! Stay where you are!” followed by loud, fast
footsteps on the staircase. They burst into the room. The man tried to fight
them but was quickly overpowered and arrested. Jake could hear the other man
being arrested outside. A woman with ginger hair entered the room, and Melissa
rushed towards her.

“Mum!” she shouted. The relief
in her voice was obvious. They hugged each other tightly. Jake’s mother also
entered the room and hugged her son. He hugged her back and explained at last.
When his mother had been talking to her friend earlier, and Jake had wanted
something, she’d told Jake to go away. His mother explained that she had only
been joking, and didn’t realise Jake had taken it seriously. He cried and

“It’s alright, Jake,” said
Gloria. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”


It emerged that when Jake had
felt like he was being followed earlier, he had been correct. When Melissa had
gone missing some time ago, a girl called Sammy had noticed a suspicious man
hanging around. When Jake had ran off, Sammy noticed and saw the same strange
man talking to Jake, so she’d followed the pair. She then told Jake’s mother, who
called the police again. They rushed to the building, broke in (the first man
had locked the front door when he’d left to get “the equipment”), and arrested
the two men. It transpired that Melissa had been pressured into having sex,
which had been secretly filmed.

The men had threatened to share
the film with Melissa’s friends and family if she didn’t keep doing as the men
wanted, so Melissa was too embarrassed to tell anyone. The tape was found and
destroyed, and the men were imprisoned for many years. The children were
happily reunited with their parents and lived happily ever after.

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