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In 2006, the cost of health care in the United States was $2
trillion and 15.9 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP); in 2013 it increased
to $2.9 trillion and 17.4 percent of the GDP. It is expected to surpass $5.1
trillion and increase to 19.3 percent of GDP by 2023. There are many factors
that allow the cost of health care increase; duplication of procedures or the
overuse of high-cost procedures, preventable mistakes, inconsistent focus on quality outcomes, and
unnecessary medical treatments and prescriptions. These issues play a role in
the overall cost in this country, all which have a solution.  Some doctors have started to realize ways to
decrease cost for patients by opening up their own facilities. This allows for providers
to change their fees to be more affordable. They have the ability to preform
low-cost procedures and follow their own guidelines.

            Some studies
have shown that prices increase as the demand for insurance rises. For every $1
increase in health insurance there is a 10 to 35 cent increase in physician
fees. For some individuals having health insurance is essential, especially
when visiting specialist; as their cost intend to be higher due to providing higher
quality of care.

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            The average cost a person spends on health
care is over $10,000 per person, and is expected to keep rising in the upcoming
years. The cost spent on health care is this country is not an affordable one. One
of the biggest reasons individuals file for bankruptcy is due to the lack of
ability to pay off medical bills. The expense of health care should not be an
unaffordable one. It is essential for citizens to have access to good quality health
care, especially for those with long-term illnesses or disabilities.

            In some cases, individuals without
health insurance spend less than individuals that do have health insurance. Private
and public facilities offer less prices, or sometimes free services, to
patients without insurance. Which can ultimately be cheaper than having insurance;
even if they get penalized on their taxes for not having it. individuals that
have insurance are expected to pay for premiums, deductible, and co-insurance
on all services and products.

            Does the cost of going to a provider
equal the quality of care? Most people expect that when they go to the doctors
they are getting the best care, especially if it cost as much as it does. However,
that is not always the case, most facilities have guidelines and policies but
that does not necessarily mean that it allows for high quality care. High quality
care is more than the physician order the correct test or giving the patient
all medications necessary; but it also depends on the medical staff, nurses
play a big role in making sure things are in order for the physician.  According to the NCBI, quality is “the degree
to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood
of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional
knowledge.” Poor quality can mean too much care, like unnecessary tests, medications,
and procedures, rising the cost and increasing the chances of possible risks
and side effects. Lack of care can lead to misdiagnosis or mistreatment; mixing
the wring prescriptions together which can eventually lead to life threating


            Due to high-costs, people have
become desperate to find ways to get government assistance to cover their
medical coverage. Medicaid is offered to families with low income, though some
people have found a way to claim less on their taxes in efforts to be approved
for Medicaid. In my personal experience, there have been several people that
have Medicaid but have made comments on the amount of cash they have. I have
noticed that these individuals that “doctor shop”; meaning they go to different
providers with the same issues, in hopes of getting the same medication from
each provider.  




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