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In the sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, the early American settlers were persuaded by Edwards sermon in many ways. He chose to combine vivid imagery of what he perceived the depth of Hell would be like as well as what he thought the wrath of God would do to the unrepentant Christians. He liked to use rhetorical questions and persuasive language to put the literal fear of God into the minds of the early American Christian settlers. He hoped that the vivid picture that he portrayed would awaken the settlers into a realization that they could not continue this life of sin and misconduct without pursuing a true walk of devotion in the Christian mindset. There were many people who thought that Edward was simply a cliche’ due to no one being a truly righteous Christian who had never sinned before.The Great Awakening was one of the main reasons that Edward chose to do this sermon. The Great awakening was a revitalizing movement that was during the American Protestantism movement. It  swept through the people like a plague awakening every person’s spiritual demons and pulling them to the surface for everyone to see. This is one of the reasons that Edwards sermon was so influential. He realized that the people needed a wake up call and that the time was then. If the people did not seem to change their ways when there were multiple people influenced in a single family that felt they were following the Devil’s path then there would be no better time than the present.Another way that Edward was so persuasive with his sermon was the way that he delivered it. He starts the sermon rather melancholy and smooth. Only the farther he proceeds into his sermon the more angry and disturbed his sermon becomes, The imagery he depicts becomes much more vivid and brutal. I believe that he does this to try and convince the people that if they proceed on the path they are on that that is how their life is going to play out. It is only going to angrier and nastier the longer that they lead the devilish life. He also fills the speech with rhetorical questions that are meant to be heard and awaken the questions in the American settlers own minds. Making them ask themselves the questions is one of the best way to get them to change their devious path. He used quotes from the bible very argumentatively to almost make the people get aggravated with their own lives and begin to change. He was simply trying to get these sinners to decide on their own accord that they needed to repent and pray for salvation. I think that through his passion and persuasion that he painted enough of a realistic scene of hell that these people were really and truly so moved by this that they would walk out of that place of worship and literally turn their life completely around. Hell was not the place that they wanted to spend the their eternal rest and he made that very clear to them.During the end of the sermon he did receive multiple people that would moan and cry out “What do I need to do to be saved?” Their were also many people that passed out or fainted, even stood up with an affliction of passion and shouted out to the Heavens. This is just justifying the fact that his sermon was truly effective to most people and that they sincerely did believe that they were not following the straight and narrow path of true Christian ways. This makes you wonder how many people actually changed their ways after that day? Did they believe that Hell was going to rain down on them and they would “slip off the slope into the fiery depths of Hell”? Time would be the only thing that would truly show us this. Does today’s society need this kind of wake up call? Some people believe that Armageddon is truly going to come soon and that the Rapture of Christ is upon us shortly. I for one hope that mankind wakes up before it is too late and realizes that we are following the path of destruction and sin and are pulled down into the fiery infernos of Hell. Let us not follow along the slippery slope that traverses along the cracks of Hell only to take that one missed step and slip into that eternal damnation to spend our eternity in pits of fire and pain.

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