How can I Get Free FUT 21 Coins?

by Minnie Elwood

FUT 21 coins are coins worth a lot to just about any regular FIFA gamer. This is because FUT coins in general are far from easy to actually amass. I mean, you have to go through game after game, as well as various challenges just to get enough coins to “not have enough coins”. With this knowledge at the back of your mind, the concept of free FUT 21 coins is a pretty enticing one. Don’t you agree? So keep reading to discover how to buy futcoins.

In case you are wondering how real the concept of free FUT 21 coins is, this article is tailor-made just for you. You can be a hundred percent certain that regardless of how scarce FUT 21 coins seem to be, you could actually get FUT 21 coins. While “get” might not be the right word to describe the scenario, it is not too far off. Why do we say so? Keep reading to find out. Who knows? You might actually discover an interesting method of getting, even more, FUT 21 coins as a bonus fact.

How can you “Get” Free FUT 21 Coins?

 Earlier, we mentioned that the verb “get” might not be entirely ideal in this situation. We will now explain why. This is because you would still need to carry out a few tasks in order to actually be awarded the FUT 21 coins. So some might argue that “earn” would be a more appropriate verb or term.

However, “get” is not entirely wrong either. This is because with the methods we will be listing below, amassing FUT 21 coins becomes a lot easier. With sufficient FUT coins, all the upgrades your FIFA 21 team needs to become an actual Ultimate Team will be at your fingertips. At that point, you will have a whole new FIFA 21 experience.

Original Methods of Earning Free FUT 21 Coins

On that note, we will now be moving on to the methods through which you could get free FUT 21 Coins. These methods of getting free FUT 21 coins legally are:

1. The good old method of playing matches and joining tournaments is the oldest method of earning coins in the book. This is one method of earning free FUT 21 coins that never fails. So you can be sure that as you keep playing, you will keep getting free FUT 21 coins.

This method also involves clearing various available challenges that have FUT 21 coins as their rewards. Or in some cases, as part of their rewards.

2. The next method is via the FIFA gaming market. Here, you could exchange layers and items for FUT coins. So through fair trade, you get rid of players and items you do not need in exchange for those that you need.


So at this point, you see that with proper strategizing, it is not impossible to amass enough free FUT 21 coins to carry out your plans. If you have read up here, how about a tip. It is possible to actually buy FUT 21 coins from EA approved FUT coin retail sellers.

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