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Form, Structure, and Plot: Little Women is a classic novel and structured into two parts, each published at different times. The first part of Little Women was published in 1868 and the second part was published the following year in 1869. Alcott keeps her text complex, but yet simplistic by including many dialogues excluding it from getting it to be over complicated.The text is organized to follow Alcott’s early on life, and what she had experienced among her sisters growing up. The book is four hundred and seventy-two pages in length. The first part of Little Women has twenty-three chapters and  the second part of Little Women has twenty-four chapters. Little Women is written to follow chronologically the life of the March sisters as they go into adulthood, it shows all they go through from being young to becoming  women. There is some foreshadowing seen throughout the novel such as the promising of the Laurence Boy when he declares that he will kiss Amy and eventually lead to the foreshadowing of their future marriage. Alcott’s use of foreshadowing makes it possible for the reader to recognize the further event with previous ones. Foreshadowing is shown by Beth talking about wanting to visit heaven, and that foreshadows her death later on in the second part of the novel. Little Women mostly evolves the life of four sisters who now have to deal with not being rich as they once were as of their father has been sent out to war. The girls went from having everything and are now being settled into an unusual state of being for them. The basic concept of the plot is simplistic and it complicates as the March sisters grow and develop into their mature selves. The sisters have a hard time settling in their new condition of living with their mother. The characters of the four sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth all develop from the beginning of the novel to the end, they go through an unexpected transition. As the March girls face different challenges throughout the novel they develop into changing the concept of the plot. Towards the beginning of the novel, the girls are barely getting used to their new lifestyle and miss how things used to be. They seem a little upset as they are getting used to things. ‘”Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents”‘ (Alcott 11). Towards the end, the girls seem to realize the importance of the little things in their lives after everything they’ve been through. At the end they are happy with what they have. ‘”Oh,my dear girls, however long you may live, I never can wish you a greater happiness than this !'” (Alcott 472) Even after all the sisters have been through they all still are united and keep finding happiness in the little things between themselves.

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