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traditional shopping allows you to make a purchase and take it home.  For example, if your coffee maker just died, you
can go to the store and purchase a new one the same day.  With on-line shopping, you have to wait for
shipping which can take days or even weeks. 
If you are someone who can wait days or weeks for a new coffee maker,
ordering on-line will save you money.  If
the thought of not having your morning cup of coffee brings on a mild panic
attack, buy the coffee maker.

when comparing traditional and on-line shopping, there is a definite difference
in pricing.  When you shop a traditional store,
you pay the purchase price and sales tax. 
And while traditional stores regularly offer sales, you can often find
better deals through on-line sales and incentives.  You should also keep in mind; most on-line
stores do not charge sales tax but charge a shipping fee unless your purchase
is over a certain amount.  This has to be
taken into consideration when deciding on where to buy. 

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you are a traditional shopper, you may spend time traveling to several different
stores to find what you are looking for. This involves getting in and out of
the car, dealing with traffic and parking, and expending fuel which is pricey!  Depending on how far you live from a shopping
mall, this can take up a lot of precious time. 
If you are shopping on-line, you only have to travel as far as your
nearest computer or smartphone.  Additionally,
on-line shopping gives you the ability to search for an item in a browser and
have several options available in a matter of seconds from the comfort of your
home and in your pajamas if you like. 

comparing traditional shopping to on-line shopping there are many scenarios to
take into account.  For example, how far
you have to travel, how much you want to pay, and how quickly you want your purchased

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