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Edmond Rostand relies heavily on his use of symbolism to convey a deeper understanding and to explore the tension between physical and intellectual beauty in his play, Cyrano de Bergerac.  The constant internal battle the protagonists, Cyrano who takes the role of intellectual beauty and Christian as the physical facet of beauty, face regarding these aspects of beauty throughout the entire play is apparent through precise word play and literary features to elucidate and compare what value each one provides. In the following I will provide specific examples of when each type of beauty was significantly placed and the effect of which it had.  1 CDWDW: CyranoClaim: One of the greatests motifs used throughout the entire play concerning Cyrano and his erudite, which is directly related to his beauty in his compositions, are the letters.  These compositions do not just hold literary worth but they also represent a way in which Cyrano is able to construct an identity for himself other than what has been given to him.  The letters for which Cyrano expresses his love for his dearest Roxane begin to transform him in a way he could never do in person. These letters were used not only as a symbol for love, but also deception. Data: “I read your letters over and over, until i began to feel faint! I knew I belonged to you totally! Each page was like a petal fallen from your soul. In every word I felt the flame of a powerful, sincere love” (184).  Warrant: Clearly it is evident the raw emotion and passion conveyed by these letters which Roxane is falling deeply mad for. However, they also reveal a critical flaw to Cyrano’s part, just as we see Christian can’t eloquently express himself through words, Cyrano cannot express himself through his actions. The only action which Cyrano takes regarding Roxane is composing in deceit. Cyrano’s inner beauty. Data: Warrant:2 CDWDW: ChristianCyrano’s and Christian’s outer beauties differ, of course: Christian is blessed with good looks while Cyrano’s bombast is a product of a clever mind. Nonetheless, when Roxane claims to be choosing between the outer beauty of Christian and the inner beauty of Cyrano, in many ways she is simply choosing between two different versions of an ostentatious, visible show.

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