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Assuring all the luxuries and facilities for its employees Coca Cola
fails to address these cultural gaps. Indeed all these areas are of absolute
importance but at the end all these result as a sublet of our third issue the
one team concept. Let us discuss some of the above mentioned issues,

Work Life Balance: Since the long
stretch of hours and the excessive demand of productivity in a rather
competitive environment, people find it extremely hard to maintain a healthy
work life balance. Even if you are home or on a day off you have to be
available on email and a single email can drag you back to work, if not
physically than mentally for sure.

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Vertical & Horizontal Team Concept:
One of the biggest hurdle in Coca Cola is the lack of cross levels and cross
functional teams. Due to the highly bureaucratic culture and authoritative
ladder of success Coca cola. Although they do try to cater cross functional
teams and activities but that is extremely limited due to the highly committed


Freedom Of Speech And Information

This irrelevant
cycle of information sharing tremendously affects the pace and quality of work.
Everyone finds it difficult to share their information and prefers to keep
their peers in the dark. In Addition to that due to the bureaucratic change of
command, hence the freedom of speech is very limited. Hence Coca cola needs to
make a collaborat6ive environment so that the access to information is easy.










Literary review:

 These issues highlight the cultural
enhancement required in Coca-Cola. When I studied the change in cultural
aspects I found an interesting study in the Harvard Business Review, if I only
use pointers to show the road that leads to a positive cultural change than following
are the points in relativeness to the review

An effective cultural change requires

§  “Match
Strategy and Culture

§  Focus
on a Few Critical Shifts in Behavior

§  Honor
the Strengths of Your Existing Culture

§  Integrate
Formal and Informal Interventions

Measure and Monitor Cultural Evolution

§  Business

§  Critical

§  Milestones

§  Underlying beliefs, feelings, and mind-sets

§  Cultural Intervention as the First Resort”






§  Since
the past few years the parent company has enforced a authoritative rule in
CCBPL, for example every Functional director that retires is replaced by a
Turkish counterpart, that leaves most of the employees demotivated. In the
recent year the company did address this concern by changing the company name
to CCI and promoting some Pakistani middle level managers to the theicecek
group. In 2016 the company started a campaign named ONE TEAM, ONE COMPANY, ONE
NAME. But yet much more is needed.. But yet much more is needed for the
campaign to be fruitful.


§  Literary review:

§  This
is an issue than seems to occur with every multinational origination than
franchisees its rights in any country. Hence many authors have stretched their
research in this business although since this practice started in the late 20th
century hence more work needs to be done in this field. Well in such a
situation as seen in Coca-Cola Pakistan we witness an authoritative conflict
between the work ethics and culture of the parent company with its sublet. The
parent company showing their ownership are replacing the management body
eventually with their Turkish group representatives. In the express tribune bulletin
of 25th January 2017 I read that Coca Cola is to inject the
Pakistani economy with a foreign investment of 200 million rupees by 2018, well
the company is surely building a better infrastructure in the past few years.

§  Relating this conflict between lets say CCBPL & CCI we can implicate
the Thomas KitmansThe Five Conflict-Handling Modes:

§  It can be easily judged that
till date the Pakistani counterparts have just been accommodating the new
owners of the company and even after the minute retaliation the sublet and the
parent franchise are not even close of compromising with one another. Even
though CCI’s main objective is to maximize their profit but they would want to
realize if the slightly collaborate with the local counterparts maybe things
could run in a much better manner and the company may harvest more money than
they even aimed for.





§  Conclusion:


Concluding the
report we can definitely say it’s time to rethink for a FMCJ giant Coca Cola.
They have a lot to offer than no other firm would and for sure they are a class
apart but the question rises what the opportunity cost is? Is the purpose just
money or do they have a social moral responsibility. Further more like it could
be seen from the iceberg the unseen facts that are not visible such as the
cultures the values and the small gestures should be molded into an border
manner where there is trust between everyone at every level i.e. Cross
function, cross level & between the local company and the group. I hope
with time the corporate sector realizes that’s it’s not all about money or
sales but its about quality, its about the good you do as well.

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