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Africa is believed to be the first continent
where people lived. In Africa’s early history, people followed a nomadic
lifestyle. Many African tribes lived in the region between the Zambezi and Lake
Tanganyika came into contact with strangers for the first time in 1798. It was
during this time a Portuguese trading company pushed north from “Tete on the
Zambezi” (HISTORY OF ZAMBIA) and reached the capital of a local chief near Lake
Mweru. Later, bigger African kingdoms began to develop.  The reason for this was because Africans wanted
to control their land and resources as Arab and European traders came into the
country to exchange goods, slaves and gold.

In the late 1800’s, an Englishman named
Cecil Rhodes comes in, sets up, and claims the land for mining. Towards the end
of the decade, his two companies, De Beers Consolidated Mines and Gold Fields
of South Africa, took over the majority of the South African exports of
diamonds and gold. Rhodes will use his wealth that he has gained for a very
specific purpose.

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The population of settlers rapidly
increases in the territory ran by Rhodes’s “British South Africa Company”(HISTORY
OF ZAMBIA). Then by 1892, there are about 1500 Europeans in the area. More
start to come in thanks to the technological developments in transportation. In
1900 the territory is known as Northwestern and Northeastern Rhodesia, after
its founding colonial. In 1924, the British South Africa Company handed over
the management of Northern Rhodesia to the British government, but the company
can keep the mineral rights in the colony. The area known as the Copper Belt
brings increased involvement from the Europeans to Northern Rhodesia, where
efforts to encourage agricultural settlement have been largely unsuccessful.

“Although the Europeans represent less than 2% of the
population” (HITSTORY OF ZAMBIA), the political system of Northern Rhodesia is
based on white supremacy. By the 1950s, the European population of the two
regions first settled by Rhodes’s company will merge to form a single independent
nation.  However, the Africans resisted. They
had started to find a political voice. Black opposition is strongest in the
northern colony, with its much smaller white minority. From there was an independence
struggle in 1960 and in 1964 Northern Rhodesia won their independence and was
remained Zambia. From 1972-1991 Zambia is considered to be a one-party
state.  In 1991, the first multi-party
election was held and a new leader was elected. Then in 1997 there was an
attempted military coup on October 28th. This coup did not last more
than 3 hours when its leader, Captain Solo, announced on the radio that the
president should step down. He then spent the next 13 years in prison for
treason and only released when it was clear he was terminally ill.

 In more modern times, Zambia had the World
Bank signed on a $3.8 billion debt relief which would get rid of “50% of
Zambia’s debt” ( . In May of 2007, The High Court in Britain said that
the former president and four aides planned to rob Zambia for about $46
million. Then, in February 2010, Zambia partnered up with China for a joint
mining cooperation. Lastly in April of 2016, there was rioting and looting after
reports of Rwandans involved in ritual killings. President Lungu had to come
and speak on his country’s behalf and collective shame over the mob attacks on

Just like other countries, there are
clashes with opinions about politics, religion and everything else, but Zambia
has worked and continues to work extremely hard to become a peaceful country.

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