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Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software for optimizing and editing the images. It provides various plug-ins for rendering images required for designing a website. User Interface and Design is significant for any website development. To make a website more attractive images are rendered and designed using Adobe Photoshop CS6.


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·         There’s more changes are added to the interface, also has hundreds of tools, icons and panels have been redrawn to improve the clarity of the image.

·         Another main thing is that now the photoshop can save the documents in the background while the work is going on, also it autosave the work after every few minutes to a separate backup which is loaded into the event of a crash.


·         It consumes the system memory a lot.



            We have used several frameworks to make the website more responsive and interactive. These frameworks provide some set of code to manage the content of the website.

            Swiper:  It is used for image sliders which gives us a better touch movement, some transition effects and some virtual slides.

            Bootstrap: It is a front-end framework and also an open source collection of tools used to develop websites and web applications. It is made of HTML, CSS and other interface components.

            jQuery: It is a JavaScript library which is used to support and mitigate the cross-browser issue faced by the websites. It is a powerful and easy tool which allows the user to work with various set of code to make sure the website works in all kinds of browsers.



Microsoft Project:

            MS Project is a most famous project management software tool which is developed to assist the project managers in keep tracking the project progress, assigning tasks to the resources, and scheduling the project as well as managing the budgets.


            HTML5 is a mark-up language which is used to structure the website. It allows you to create an application that function even when the system is offline, because it stores the assets and the content locally. Another characteristic of the offline feature is that it is able to store the data in cache memory in such a way that lets the data to be maintained even if the page is reloaded. HTML5 provides you variety of graphic elements such as games, movies, animation etc.


Cascading Style Sheet is one of the most powerful tools for a web designer with it can transform the visual appearance of the entire website. CSS is used to design the layout of the document object model(DOM). It tells the browser how to render the documents that is being viewed. The CSS can also use the media queries to adjust the way how it looks for different devices and screen size.



Google App Engine(Datastore):

Google Cloud Datastore is a NoSQL document database built for automatic scaling, high

performance, and ease of application development. This application provides an enormous

scalability with great performance. Supple storage and auto encryption is also available.



It is an online free storyboard generator. You can customize the scene you want, it provides millions of creative photos and also allows us to upload our own. It provides a flexible layout for the scenarios which makes easier to develop the storyboard and it is very simple and intuitive.

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