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The global mining automation market is expected to grow at a steady
rate during the forecast period. Growing requirement for improving
productivity, surging need for worker safety, and the reduction in operating
costs are the key factors driving the growth of mining automation market. Moreover,
globalization of economics and increasing digitalization of mines further
impels the mining automation market growth. Integration of information and
operational technologies enables the mining companies to improve mining
performances. The key restraints that may hamper the growth of mining
automation market are the depletion of natural resources and the reduction in
grades at mine sites.

Mining is a process of extracting the mineral and other raw materials
from the earth’s crust. Mining technique is divided into two excavation types:
surface mining and sub-surface (underground) mining. Underground mining is
considered to be more precarious than surface mining due to potential dangers
such as adverse health effects, release of toxic gases, collapse, and others. Lack
of proper ventilation in sub-surface mining may sometimes led to suffocation. Mining
process involves drilling, blasting, loading, hauling and transporting. Automated mining systems have been
deployed at a huge rate in underground mines to safeguard mine workers. Applications
offered by mining automation market are extraction, transportation,
beneficiation, instrumentation, power distribution, and services. Precise
measurement, quality, high reliability, optimized processes and monitoring are
some of the factors which contribute to environmental protection in global
mining automation market.

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The global mining automation market is segmented on the basis of technique,
type, workflow, and geography. Based on techniques, the global mining automation
market is bifurcated into surface mining technique and underground mining
technique. The underground mining technique holds the largest mining automation
market share, globally. The necessity for advanced automated mining equipment
is more for underground mining due to its harmful health effects. On the basis
of type, mining automation market is segmented into software, equipment, and
communication system. Workflow segment is divided into mining process, mine
maintenance, and mine development. The Hauling mining process segment is
attributed for the largest market share. By automating the haulage processes
inside a mine contributes certain advantages such as reduced maintenance cost,
improved safety and productivity, efficient fuel consumption, and lesser

Based on geography, the global mining automation market is segmented
into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World. APAC
holds the largest share of the mining automation market. This trend owes to the
increased use of automated mining equipment globally.

Key players operating in the global mining automation market are Autonomous
Solutions Inc., Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Hexagon, Komatsu, RPMGlobal,
Sandvik, MST Global, Trimble, Fluidmesh Networks, Remote Control Technologies, Micromine,
Volvo Group, and Symboticware, among others.

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