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1. Windows are introduced in 1985.
2. Windows is a very mature and complete piece of
3. Windows have compatibility and almost every game,
driver, software will work on Windows.
4. Windows have technical support.
5. Windows have huge quantity of functions.
6. There are also some disadvantage of Windows.
7. We may have to purchase an antivirus software for
8.Windows are slow specially vista and windows
7, requires a lot of resources like (Memory,
Disk space).
9. Windows 10 have fresh a dynamic look in operating
10. Windows are more customizable.
11. Windows are very easy to use for all persons even
which people not have technical knowledge about computers can easily use
12. If you install windows OS then you need regular
maintenance against virus.
13. If virus attacked, your pc will not guaranteed to
work properly.

1. Linux are introduced in 1991.
2. Linux is also an open source operating system.
3. Linux name come from the Linux kernel by Linux
4. Linux can be distributed or downloaded freely.
5. There are priced versions of Linux also but it is
cheaper than Windows.
6. It is distributed by different vendors.
7. Everyone can use it like home users and
8. Linux can be installed on wide variety of
computers hardware and Smart phones, tablets.
9.File systems support in Linux are Ext2,Ext3,Ext4
10. BASH is the Linux default shell.
11. Linux is not a full operating system it is just a
12. Linux does not have as many programs and games as
13.Linux still has
Very few viruses.

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1. Unix are introduced in 1970.
2. Different Unix have different costs structure
according to their vendors.
3. Unix is mostly developed by AT&T as well as
various vendors and non-profit organizations.
4.The biggest distributions are Solaris(oracle)
5. Unix operating systems were developed mainly for
mainframes, server and workstations.
6.The Unix OS is used in internet services,
Workstations and PCs.
7.File Systems supported in Unix are jfs,gpfs
Hfs, hfs+, ufs, xfs.
8. Originally the Bourne shell.
9. Unix is an operating system that is very popular in
universities and big enterprises.
10. From to the 60s to the 80s revenues came from
selling and supporting hardware.
11. Commercial users had to pay a license fee, cadmic ones
could use the software with less prices.

1. Open: collaboration is open to all.
2. Source: Source code is freely shared.
3. The ideals of open source are share the goal.
4. Projects are broken into small tasks and a review
process screens the best contributions.
5. Code should be available to all and improvements
should be shared to all.
6. Open source programmers talk of creating.
7. Open source programmers talk of debugging.
8. The open source movement is an extension of the
scientific method.
9. Open software is not new, open source is not just a
software, open source is based on sharing.

1. Macintosh are introduced in 24 January 1984.
2. Macintosh is older than Windows.
3. It is first ever Graphical-based operating system.
4. Macintosh almost get no viruses.
5. Macs only run
on Apple computers.
6. Macs just looks better then Windows.
7. Macs is expensive then Windows.
8. Only a few programs will run on Mac and almost no games.
9. It’s meant for greater stability comparability and
10. Macintosh overcome all the problems are about
viruses in Windows.
11. Macintosh have plenty of application.
12. The family of Macintosh is developed Apple Inc.
13. It includes graphical user interface based
operating systems.

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